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                    Frequently Asked Questions
                       WHY DO I NEED AN INSPECTION?
Buying a home is the largest single investment most individuals will ever make.
 The process is unfamiliar to many and can be very stressful. Being familiar with the property’s condition and need for major repairs is necessary to make an informed decision and can be a valuable tool in negotiating the final purchase price of the property
                                      WHEN SHOULD I SCHEDULE MY HOME INSPECTION?
We recommend you arrange for the inspection as soon as a contract or purchase agreement has been signed by all parties for the following reasons

1. Option Period
Most Real Estate Contracts in the State of
Texas contain an option period which is an agreed amount of time the buyer is allotted to determine the condition of the property and decide if they will proceed with the purchase.

2. Inspection  Results
During the  inspection process we may determine areas of major concern such as an electrical breaker box which is a Hazard Condition and in need of repair or replacement or a roof surface which has reached its useful service life and is in need of replacement. In these  situations  the  buyer must have enough time to obtain repair / replacement cost factors from qualified contractors in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

                             HOW MUCH WILL THE INSPECTION COST?
Our Fees based upon information provided by the client during  the initial contact are competitively priced and commensurate with the quality of service we provide. The size of the property (approximate sq ft), age of the property, location, and type of inspections to be performed( See Services Provided) are some of the criteria used to determine the inspection Fee.  The thorough and detailed inspection we provide pays for itself many times over and can be a valuable tool in negotiating the final purchase price of the property. 

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